Get The Full Picture

An accounting system is a subset of any ERP stack. SMURPS has all that you need to process standard accounting transactions like Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Bank Reconciliation, and General Ledgers.

The best part? These standard accounting transactions are driven by real-timer events that seamlessly connect your whole enterprise on one central repository.

An integrated business software system can really benefit your organization through increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Your Next Concern

We’ve anticipated your next question. Yes, SMURPS is GST ready! In-built tax calculation templates auto-mate the tax compliance process all business units, ensuring accuracy in all standard tax reports and invoices. It’s also possible for you to maintain your own tax rules to control the tax implication for certain parties.

Make Wiser Decisions

Standard financial reports may not be sufficient to help you make smarter financial decisions.Financial services such as forecasting, budgeting and planning can potentially interface with business modules, and we are growing this potential by offering attractive tailor-made solutions with advanced reporting tools. Stop dreaming of these beautiful visual insights and start exposing hidden trends or anomalies!

Guard Your Assets

Any soft of financial resource like fixed assets should be maintained and tracked proactively. Categorizing your fixed assets with well-structured depreciation charts and schedules eases tracking efforts over a long period of time.

Extra Toppings

Some extra toppings make SMURPS even more enjoyable.SLLLMMUURRPP it up!

Credit Management

helps you manage your customers’ demands, facilitate cash flow management, and keep track of overdue collection. Maintaining a record of your company’s credit limit and credit days for each supplier is equally as important to ensure that outstanding payables do not obstruct your buying needs.

Cost Accounting

defines the structure of your company’s cost accounting activities. We make it flexible to allow various cost types to be analyzed for each operation or product, with different cost models.

Project Accounting

deals with the financials of individual projects. Project managers are now empowered to meet the overall financial goal of the company with access to effective project management tools from tracking of resource utilization hours and total expenses to project billing and tasks completion.

With larger and more comprehensive ERP suites offering more than just accounting functionalities, why choose a traditional accounting software bundle?

Don’t miss out on the chance to get ahead of the game with SMURPS!