Real-time Inventory Tracking

  • Get up-to-date information of your stock balance with SMURPS’ advanced reporting tools.
Inventory Management
  • Know your performing and non-performing stocks with Stock Analytics. You can even filter it through brand, warehouse, and date.

Stock Ageing & Expiry Dates

  • Keep track of your stock’s age.
  • Get to know when your product is expired or about to expire. Don’t keep it any longer in that warehouse!
Inventory Management

Batching and Serial Numbering

Inventory Management
  • You may want to batch items you manufacture or items you receive from your suppliers for better traceability. SMURPS allows you to batch Items together manually or using hand-held devices.
  • Serialized items are also supported for those that want to track the items throughout their lifetime. Track which particular item your customers purchased from you and trace back the item’s history when the item is returned defective.


Some extra toppings make SMURPS even more enjoyable. Slmurp it up!

Item Shortage Report
Optimize your replenishment strategies through SMURPS’ customizable reporting tools (i.e Item Shortage Report with Raw Materials).

Auto Re-order
Set auto-reorder function for your items to avoid shortages so that you don’t have to waste time thinking about stocking up the inventory.

Material Request
Receive email notification when the Material Request is automatically generated from auto-reorder.