Struggling with business
process management?


Are you having one or all the problems listed above? Now, now, turn that frown upside down because SMURPS is making its way into the SME market, to offer you a leading-edge, simple, and affordable ERP software solution that stays true to our tagline – Complexity Simplified.

Seamless Integration

Manage daily business transactions and automate back-office activities effectively in a central repository where information can be shared and presented by various business divisions across an organization. Multiple modules, each focusing on one area of a business process, integrate as a single unified package to achieve:

  • Stabilization of critical business processes
  • Elimination of redundant tasks through automated processes
  • Seamless flow of data throughout the business process
  • Data transparency for auditing purposes
  • Accuracy in financial data and reporting

Go Mobile

In today’s ERP environment, we see companies trending towards mobile solutions as end users seek to perform business transactions on the go via their smartphones or tablets. SMURPS can meet this increasingly widespread demand and we have made mobility a part of our standard ERP implementation package.

On The Cloud

Businesses should be allowed to focus on the business rather than managing IT. With Cloud ERP, businesses have access to our entire ERP suite without having to worry about costs, upkeep or headaches that are present with traditional ERP implementations.

  • Lower costs by letting us provide and manage your entire ERP infrastructure on the cloud
  • Avoid hidden costs by paying a predictable, low annual fee for a complete ERP system with unlimited support services
  • Rest easy with 24/7 availability and rock-solid security
  • Take advantage of the latest functionalities and innovations without moving a finger

Implementation Methodology

Our team of business analysts and developers follow a flexible, proven and open methodology that ensures stable rapid development of an ERP Implementation project.

  • Project planning and resource allocation
  • Detailed requirements gathering and business process analysis
  • Design, implementation and development
  • Quality assurance and training
  • Rollout and migration
  • Post implementation support and maintenance

So, why SMURPS?

Well, simply put, it is FAST – Fantastic, Affordable, Simplified Technology.

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