The Real Thing

It doesn’t take much to be a genius. All you need are some real-time reports and analytics to help you make faster and better business decisions, and take the right actions too! Review the performance of each sales person with a summary of the total sales figure generated.

Analyze selling and buying trends of a particular product or service, and gain better insights into your target market segments.

Operational Excellence!

Disconnected processes cause delays and errors with financial implications and, most importantly, impact the service you deliver to your clients. With SMURPS, you can’t lose your way with an all-in-one solution that has in-built process navigation.

Key Features

  • We are GST-ready!
  • Tracking of partial receipts and deliveries
  • Reconciliation of items to be billed and payments
  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual
  • Automatic price determination with in-built pricing control:

Maintain standard buying price and selling price

Define pricing rules base on certain criteria

Validate selling prices for items against
purchase rates or valuation rates

Customize reports to analyze buying
and selling rates

Got A Lead? Where’s Your Opportunity?