Keep Your Customers Satisfied

Order and fulfilment management involves more than just filling orders. These core functions in SMURPS cover most of what you need to ease your fulfilment process.

  • Picking

Picking strategies are affected by differences in customer requirements and racking infrastructures that usually vary by product size, velocity, type, and batch. SMURPS can be tailored to suit different picking styles in addition to our ready-made picking functions which include bundling multiple deliveries into a single Picking List, picker assignment, and bin locator.

  • Order Allocation

What do you do in a stock shortage situation? Well, make use of our order allocation feature that comes with standard in-built protocols (e.g. FIFO, LIFO, proportion distribution) and configurable sort sequences (e.g. First-Come-First-Serve, preferred customer status, requested delivery date). You can also prioritize backorders by putting away stock directly to the pick location.

  • Packing

Generate a Packing List with important packing information such as the Delivery Order number, package number, contents of the package, and export shipment details. Pre-set UOM conversion factors for each product allows goods to be repacked according to customers’ requirements before they are shipped out.

Quality Is Everything

Putting quality into your products is the best business plan, or better yet, executing it in SMURPS! Our quality inspection tool helps you verify the quality of goods throughout the entire supply chain from the point of goods receipt, through production, to goods issue.

Available actions for rejected goods include goods return against Purchase Orders or Delivery Orders, and scrapping of goods as waste.

Integration & Automation

Are you still writing SKUs on paper and entering them manually into your computer? We suggest that you replace your manual work with these SMURPY features immediately!

  • Handheld Devices

Scanning product bar codes, SKUs, or even bin labels using wireless handheld devices reduces overhead costs because it is fast, reliable, and simple.

  • Mobile Application & Third-Party Software

SMURPS’ dynamic character leaves room for integration with mobile applications and third-party software systems. We’re willing to talk.

  • Automation

Take a step back and relax. We’ve got you covered with customized workflows, automatic notifications or alerts, and monitoring schedules.

Tracking & Analysis

Being able to diagnose the health of your inventory and knowing how your warehouse is performing will help you identify areas of improvement. Tap on our analytical tools to gain better insights into your warehouse management processes.

  • In-built report customization tool allows you to define and build your own report layout with high quality data
  • Real-time tracking and status updates across multiple locations at your fingertips
  • Measure KPIs and other metrics with business intelligence dashboards

Getting SMUPRS to manage your warehouse operations would be awesome, but what’s more important is that we listen to your needs. Our team of experienced consultants are attuned to unique warehouse management requirements and it is our goal to deliver the best to you.