1. Work It All Under One Roof

Efficiency is key. Give your customers the flexibility to raise their concerns/queries via multiple channels (e.g. your website, support email, self-service portal) whilst you manage all their issues on One unified platform

2. Say Bye-Bye to Standalone Spreadsheets

Save your time. Manage the nitty-gritty of your business by capturing information like customer details, inventory, customer billing, and support engineers easily.

3. Engage Your Customers

Interaction builds relationships. Follow up closely with your customers on their open issues through proper incident management tools. Don’t forget to share your success stories with your customers and record their invaluable feedback using advance messaging functions.

4. Monitor your performance

Know your stuff. Get deeper insight into your business and people with smart analytics at your fingertips.

  • Which customers are reporting the most issues ? I care about these guys
  • Which services or products are the most problematic ? I need to improve them
  • Which customer service agents are not treating my customers well ? I need to have a word with them.

5. Take It Easy

Less is more. Life is complicated enough, so we want you to do less and gain more. Simplify you business with automated workflows, scheduled background jobs, Kanban boards and many other cool features. Oh, we offer tailored solutions too!